Cyanure is the crucible of my artistic passions, the endpoint of a journey through interlacing paths, each complete in and of themselves, yet all united under the same creative vision.

Cyanure is my banner.

Whether through drawing, painting, design or jewellery, materials are the key to my art where structure takes a dominating position. Simplicity in complex composition, are the distinguishing marks of my intentions. Interbreeding seeps through my work, bringing together opposites in search for equilibrium where none seems to reside naturally.

The art of jewellery transposes my vision into small unique objects to be worn. With gold, sliver, precious and semi-precious stones, those small charming and desirable art works are the fruits of a passion anchored in the artisan’s knowledge, know-how, dexterity and patience.

Julie Levasseur

A creative, artistic mind bubbling with ideas: I’m an artist. Goldsmith, painter, photographer, musician, fashion designer & stylist, explorer in love with artistic languages.

I’ve made my den in the heart of the beautiful Quebec province.
I thrive on nature and pure air.

Driven by the need to create, I produce eclectic pieces evolved from journeys, art, music, movies, colours that surround me everyday , and the perpetual cycle of life and death carried through seasons.

Welcome to my world where imagination is the soul’s eye.

One of a kind

In this hyperactive era that demands everything be done yesterday, I refuse that lesser quality goods mass produced by exploited humans be our sole consuming choices.

So, under Cyanure’s banner, I have adopted a creative approach supportive of a healthy, sound, realistic and, as much as possible, environmentally friendly lifestyle. Contrary to passing fashions, my approach ensues from a strong will to fight the dominant hectic lifestyle of Western society.

Consequently, I mainly to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Cyanure’s mission is not only to offer objects consistent with this thought process, but also to raise people’s awareness about the artist and craft at the source of the object.